Monday, March 26, 2012

Cars Cupcakes!

I know, I know. I have been pathetic in my attempts at posting lately. But like I said before, this whole 17 day diet thing really has kicked the sugar out of my life. It's amazing that I've even survived!  But people! I have lost 7 pounds in less than two weeks!? gahhhh!

I thought I'd keep it short and sweet and share some adorbs cupcakes I did for my pals Jessica and Eduardo. Their baby boy Elijah's turned two a few weeks ago. And Elijah really loves Cars, the movie. So that's exactly what he got!

Super cute right? This is only my 2nd time decorating with fondant and I think they turned out pretty good! So fun to make!

I decided to do some Lightning McQueen cuppycakes made entirely out of fondant and sugar sheets. Elijah especially liked these. He kept saying "truck!" and pointing. I die at the cuteness.

To add to the theme, I did some lightning bolts out of fondant and then some standard cupcakes with racing flags and colored fondant stars. Not too shabby!

ahh! so fun! weeeee!! 

the whole gang :)

This was the most fun I've had making cupcakes! It was super delightful to take the extra time to create something special and I felt quite honored to be asked to do so!

If you have a special occasion and need something sweet to celebrate, you know where to find me! or get inspired and try it yourself! happy baking!

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  1. You HAVE to make these for my nephew/ ring bearer! He would love them!

  2. Stacy! I would love to. These were so fun to make!