Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dog Bone Cupcakes

Everyone knows the saying, "dogs are people too". And it's true. They become a full fledged member of your family the day they pee on your carpet. So I didn't find it odd in the least when one of my girlfriends asked me to make some cupcakes for her pup's 7th birthday. (hey! he's 21 in dog years!)

Mind you, these cupcakes were for the humans, not the dog, but the idea of throwing a birthday party to celebrate your dog's life is a pretty amazing concept to me. When I have a canine of my own, you can bet your booty we will throwdown for him too!

Happy Birthday Hearty America! These patriotic doggie bone cupcakes were for you!

Hearty is patriotic pup so I tinted the icing red and blue and made little white bones out of sugar sheets. I used a stencil to trace the dog bone shape.

super cute liners, right? i am a huge fan of purchasing foil liners instead of paper. the color doesn't fade after you bake them. it's fabulous.

and here's the birthday boy! he doesn't look a day over 16! :) & happy baking!
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